Living After Dying

This Happened…


How DO you live after dying? Especially when you’re not expected to return from death, generally. At least not in this age. Yet, this was a question that plagued me for weeks when this happened to me. You’d think one would know right away what to do, how to live. Of course, live life to the fullest, right? You see that would be all about me! How do I live like I’m suppose to after January 18th, 2014? Ok, so lets back up for a minute. And I promise I’ll give you the edited version to make this short.

On January 17th, I lay prepped and ready to go, for a surgery that should have been very simple. After all, I had one five years ago so I was totally prepared for this one. I had suffered for over a year and was ready for some relief and to live a “normal” life. At about 11 am after a series of questions and me pointing out where on my arm I wanted the IV and what vein should be used (I promise, I am not controlling), I was sedated and wheeled into the Operating Room. I expected to wake up groggy from a successful surgery and well on my way to recovery. However, I was awakened, groggy nonetheless, but with my doctor in squinted-eyes-view saying that they couldn’t perform the surgery because I had become very unstable. Their plan was to close me back up and try to stabilize me before attempting the surgery again. Realizing in my foggy mind that this was not turning out to be like my previous surgical experience, I gave him permission to remove the entire organ if necessary stating that I would be ok with that. I was once again put into that sweet sleep where nothing exists but rest. My next memory will be the most lasting of my life to date.

I opened my eyes. I am on my back propped up on my elbows under the glare of the most bright, pure, amazing light. I still cannot not find words accurate enough to describe this light. I’m alive and well, SO well. Two extremely happy people all dressed in white then captured my attention. Beaming down on me they said, “Charmaine, it’s time to go. Are you ready?!” There was nothing spoken of death but I just had this knowing of things. I knew that I was not where I used to be and that if I went with them, there was no coming back. Most of all I sensed that none of the people who I cared about most was there. So, in short, I told them that I could not go because I wanted to go back and encourage my friends and family to follow Jesus so that they could be with me again one day. To which they replied, “But you could’ve done that already.” Well I couldn’t argue with that statement so after what seemed like forever of me back and forth with them insisting I couldn’t go, I did what I do when nothing else works. I called on Jesus. Screamed more like it and fought with all of my might when they reached down to pick me up. During this struggle, I recall the two people and the light beginning to fade out. Actually more like being sucked in somewhere. As they went out, in came this impenetrable darkness that swallowed me up with it.

“Ms. Smith you’re awake!” Announced a nurse surprisingly amidst a lot of hustle and bustle around me and whispers of shock at my consciousness. A doctor rushed in and exclaimed, “ Charmaine you’re a miracle!! You died TWICE! You’re a real miracle and don’t let anyone tell you any different.” I’m also made aware that it is no longer January 18th (when I should have woke up from surgery) but rather Wednesday, January 22nd as I had been in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit. After they left the room, my mind immediately thought of The Light and my conversation with those two cheerful people and I thought to myself, “That really happened?”

Now I‘ll be honest. I have tried to discount this experience for a while but I cannot forget the realness of it and that LIGHT! I’ve had dreams that seemed so real. You know the ones where someone is chasing you and you actually fall out of the bed in reality? Well maybe it’s just me. This was not one of those dreams. I felt like I was there. I WAS there and I was different, felt more like the real me. I can’t fully explain but I wish I were skilled enough to vividly pen my feelings or the experience for you.

…But Why?

 For years, after I decided to commit my life to the path of Christianity, I prayed and asked God to use my life to glorify him. I just wanted to live a life worth living, one more purposeful and not all about what I want. Well, be careful what you ask for because I can say without a doubt that God was glorified in that hospital through my experience. The next few days in there I’ve had doctors and nurses come to my room day after day to tell me how amazed they were by what happened. Day after day they came in and told me they never expected to see me leave the OR let alone be in ICU and then walking around so quickly. They all exclaimed it was an act of God. Several nurses told of how when they saw the state that I was in, they went to the chapel and prayed for me. My own doctor, who is voted the best among his peers and was practicing since I was a baby, sat at the foot of my bed saying how afraid he was because he had never experienced that before. He sat there with his Buddhist pendant hanging from a chain around his neck and told how me being alive is an act of God. “A miracle…” he said. Yes, I believe God was most certainly glorified through my life (and death). This may not be a big deal for some persons and that’s ok. For weeks the gravity of the situation hadn’t struck me also until I sat at my friends dining table, my entire body tense and soaked from head to toe in sweat as I read my medical report. I had to know exactly what happened.

In the OR, when they cut into one of the fibroid tumors they cut an artery and I bled out. They couldn’t get it to stop so I bled to death. The rapid response team came in, pumped 6 pints of blood into me and was able, after a while, to resuscitate me. My doctor decided to take another route and remove the entire organ. When they attempted this, I died again. After another resuscitation they decided to leave the organ in and proceed to remove the tumors. After surgery, I was taken to ICU where after hours of being there someone noticed my blood pressure was almost non-existent. They rushed me back to the OR, re-opened me to find that there was another severed artery. I had bled out again and was given another 6 pints of blood after catheterizing this artery. Now back in ICU I suffered from a damaged lung, liver, kidneys and upper digestive tract caused by the rapid blood transfusion. Your organs just can’t deal with all of that blood and anti-biotic coming at it so fast. There at the foot of my comatose body, my doctor told my family that I would be in the coma for at least a month and that I would most likely have extreme brain damage. Well, I was in the coma for four days, when I came out of it I could answer all of their questions that checked for brain damage and by the time I left the hospital that following Saturday (another shocker) all of my damaged organs had completely recovered and functioning normally. Glory be to God? Yes indeed!

How DO you live after dying?

 It’s embarrassing to reveal that I was a Christian for years and didn’t believe that God truly loved me. Despite the fact that he had shown me in so many ways over the years, too many to tell of here, I couldn’t accept it. And yes, I believe John 3: 16 but my wicked flesh would say, “but he did that for the WHOLE WORLD, He didn’t want his creation to be lost. It doesn’t mean he loves YOU.” Even with my death experience, I didn’t see Gods love. I know, it’s crazy. But what that showed me was GODs GRACE. I never understood grace until then. I didn’t deserve another chance. I had so many years to do what I asked to come back and do. Yet, he granted me His favor and gave me another chance. That’s grace, available to those who ask, even in death!

I was sitting in my friend’s living room one day going through all the details in my head. This was about 4 weeks post surgery. I thought of all the little things that happened. There are so many of them like family and friends near and far ( I’m from the Bahamas, surgery was in Florida ) dropping everything and going out of their way to be there and help me, the many people and even strangers praying for me, a few people who went the extra mile at the hospital during recovery, God answering my prayer to restore my sight when it started to go in one eye (another damage from surgery), countless ways where I saw things coming together to make the process bearable, there’s just SO many things that may not seem major but felt major to me. And as I pondered it all, the most AMAZING feeling in the world came over me. Every hair on my body stood up and my heart was never so filled as my lips whispered, “Wow, God loves me. He loves ME.” I cried. I had never felt love so strong and so sure. I vow never to doubt again.

So, how DO you live after dying? I struggled in so many ways post surgery but the spiritual struggle was worse than the physical. For weeks I felt morbid. I died! I hated that it happened but reminded myself that God was glorified through it. Then for weeks, even still occasionally, I wished I hadn’t come back. I mean what was I thinking? No more sickness, no more struggles, only peace! When those days rear up, I remind myself that I am more useful to God alive than dead. Therefore, I live like I should have been living before I died. I make every attempt to live without regrets and to the full. Even if some days are uneventful, I make it full by banishing any negative thoughts from my head. Everyone on this planet gets ONE life to live. I’ve known people who died and weren’t ready yet they didn’t get second chances. They got one. I got TWO. To whom much is given, much is required. I desire to live this life loving God, loving people and being kind to everyone.

I’ve had a tiresome journey with rugged terrain through life. The climb, most times steep. My body is achy and my soul weary but I still hear it say,

 Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger

In the presence of my Savior

(Oceans by Hillsong United)

At times I think I’m crazy and like suffering but that’s not so. I’ve just learned so much through them and desire to keep growing and learning. Honestly, I look forward to more highs than lows moving forward. The journey continues and I’ve been prepared to climb so GIVE ME MY MOUNTAIN!

Until next time…

28 thoughts on “Living After Dying

  1. When I read your messages I believe we have a lot in common. Mostly, of course, the event that changed both of us on a deep level. Neither of us have been able to put a word to the penetrating light. Even after 45 years the massive amount of love in my spirit and the light still give me tears. We are among many who know where they are going when this life is over.

    Unlike you, I choose to end my life only to be labeled crazy, stupid, and the ever lasting “selfish bitch”. I cannot remember not having a loud voice in my head, right up to the end. The best thing about such a disgusting thing as taking ones life is that God removed the voice for the rest of my life. I am attempting to put some of the recovery into some acceptable words that would help others. I know He did not save me because I cute ; ) I just need to find His messages and give it the ole college try…; )
    Thank you very much for your muse….keep writing.

  2. Charmaine wow! im sitting here drenched in tears with my daughter on the side of me reading and holding her and from your testimony im praying over us and now really understanding that everything happens for a reason god loves us soooo much and we cant see it at all at times thank you so much for writing it really has inspired me im happy he gave you a second chance you are a minister who have ministered to me thank you and i love you be strong and keep on sharing the word of god.

  3. OMG….What an experience. This gives the real meaning of without a test we will not have a testimony. Well you have one that is out of this world. I am glad you are okay and I thank God for healing you. I pray his continued guidance, blessing and protection upon your life. The hair on my neck stood up as I read this. This was very inspiring and confirmation that God is in control. Be encouraged my friend.

  4. A most beautiful and inspiring story Charmine. Thank you. All of your followers truly appreciate your sharing your life chapter of belief. I have been through that “bright light” experience and it totally changed me.

  5. Charmaine, OH MY GOODNESS!!! I thank the Lord that you are still here to spread God’s love and His Word to others. As I read your blog, my eyes filled with tears. I just want to give you a big hug!! I know we don’t know each other all that well, but after serving together at ALC, I feel and know that we are family. I hope that we are able to see each other again at ALC some day, but I’m very thankful to know that we will spend eternity together! Let’s get out there and spread God’s love to everyone so that they can join us! Thank you for getting back on Facebook, because I never would have known about your amazing, chilling story. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers! Love you girl!! Take Care!!

  6. Charmaine,
    Thank you for sharing your story. This is an amazing documentation of God using a very undesirable circumstance to bring him glory. I mean…..who know how God will continue to work in the life of your doctor and the nurses that attended to you those days! 🙂 friend, The Lord has amazing plans yet for you on this earth. I even see you using this story to reach people here in Nassau. He does love you! And it’s a wonderful reminder to me even having not had an experience like this that God loves me with an everlasting love. I want to hang out with you again soon. Let’s set a date! 🙂

  7. OMG! Charmine, I’m so Happy that you are BACK! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You Jesus! This is reafimation that he lives and his LOVE for us is unimaginable. Because he lives, because he lives we can climb Mountains, because he lives we can swim the deepest seas…. because he lives. This is the most revealing modern day experience I’ve read about the contact with God. Keep spreading the Word and let LOVE rule! May God Bless and Keep you Safe…
    Peace be with you C.

  8. Wow.Charmaine.I don’t know what to say, I am speechless…I am so glad that god answered our prayers and he gave you a second chance!you see how god loves you?we been with you all the time not one moment we were not thinking and praying for
    You can give your testimony to the world so that more people believe in god!we love you!!!!

  9. Hi Charmaine,
    You are an awesome woman, you have already proclaimed God’s name in so many ways. He knows what an amazing child of His that you are and wants you to continue His work. I’m sorry I didn’t know you were here and had to undergo the surgery. I am so happy you have been given another chance. Please continue to share your positive ways and inspirational story, you had me in tears.
    Love and Blessings to you,
    Debbie Gundogdu

  10. For months on end I wondered what happened to you when I didn’t see you at church. When I glimpsed you about two weeks ago, I felt something was different. You smiled and waved hi and I was happy you were back. Yes! God does love you. Thank you soooo much for sharing. Continue to live your life or God. You are a light to many.

  11. Char… I am so glad that the Lord saw fit to give you a second chance. He is faithful to his word and his word shall not return void. The prayers of the righteous availeth! I am glad that you shared your it removes doubt and restores the faith of lost souls. Grace and Favor is your NAME Honey… proclaim his name, share your testimony and win souls for Jesus!!

  12. Hi Charmaine, it’s Adrian…I don’t know what to say but I am trembling and teary eyed from your story…OMG…I am glad He gave you a second chance…so that you can share your story with us who seem to take soo many things for granted. You know some of my struggles and I as read your story, I reliaze I have to forgive and forget in order to live a life of peace, purpose…because I am still here! Thank you for sharing, you have opened my eyes..I know tomorrow is not promised, so I need to get right today!!! Hope to see you soon so I can hug you…Glory to God! Thank you Lord for your mercy!!!

  13. School mate….. I’m so happy that God chose to give you a second chance to spread your testimony for persons not only like me but also the ones serving him to know that he will never leave us nor will he forsake us! Your story really inspired me! Love ya Charmaine….

  14. So glad God has chosen you to return and spread His word. So many are struggling with knowing if God has individual love for us, continue to use your story to be an inspiration to so many…Love u! ❤

  15. I’m glad you’re here and did not go with the other people. May your journey be filled with all kinds of miracles, you are an inspiration.

      • I so appreciate your writing. I too saw that amazing light many years ago. I do not have the intense memories of what all occurred that day when I was 30 years old, but the warm, loving, intimate light always fills me with knowledge of His love for me. Like with you the full impact of what happened took a long time to come to my thick head. We simply have to share that experience to bring others to the knowledge of God’s grace and love.
        Thank you!

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