The Challenge

I dislike being controlled. I like to do my own thing. However, a writing challenge is just the type of control I need to bring some discipline into my creative space. Look at the date on my last post. Go ahead, take a look. Say what?! More than a year ago? Exactly. I need a challenge. I need discipline.

Am I the only writer who rarely writes? That is how I’ve learned that intentions are pointless. It’s all about seeing it through to the end. Commitment. Since the last post, I’ve had some adventures. I traveled to Switzerland again and made new friends and discovered new things. All the more reason I should have lots to write about, right?

To be truthful, my desire for this blog was short stories only. However, I’m going to just simply write. If not the ideal short story on a regular basis, I will give you whatever is on my beautiful mind.

The challenge was inspired by one of my new favorite artists, Jeff Goins. The goal is to write a minimum of 500 words a day, everyday, for 31 days ( I plan to start May 1st ). No concern about editing, just write. I’m hoping that this will really get me going in being discipline in regards to my craft. So, if you’re in this boat with me, the one where you have lots to say but never write anything down, lets change. Write something!

Follow, read and comment. I’m always open to opinions. I’m all about growth.

8 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. I’m trying…the old frozen mind has taken control. Every time a creative thought flares up, it dies just as quickly.
    I will try harder with the challenge you presented…Thanks..
    Where in hell did I get the idea that writing was a glamorous, easy, enlightening occupation?

      • Hey C L Smith! Where are you? Where have we both been for almost a year?

        With all the massive changes I am in the process of enduring, it is almost time to just sit and write what has been happening. Give me a ‘hi’ and I will post my happenings. I need encouragement. Have you been doing any writing?
        Write soon!!!!

      • I’ve been traveling and going through a whole lot over the past year. I’m getting back in the groove of things. Expect a children’s illustrated book from me around May 2016!

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