I am Charmaine. A writer with a passion for creative writing, traveling and ginger lemonade. I am also an island girl living in a different country everyday across the boarders of my mind.

At any given time of the day I’m eating pasta and drinking red wine in Tuscany, gardening outside a cottage in the English countryside, scribbling hurriedly on  paper in a writing cafe` in France or trekking between monasteries in Tibet. The unfortunate thing about my travels is that  my wandering mind never takes my body with it.

I am a lover of nature and the beauty within it. People fascinate me. Where they’re from, the culture they’re apart off, what’s going through their minds, who and where they go home to, are they happy…are all things that I ponder about any random individual. I believe the ocean is beautiful and powerful and I love it. Butterflies and kittens makes me smile.  I love books…the feel and smell of the paper and how the words are all weaved together with the intent to suck me in.

Whether writing for children, young adults or adults, my desire is to weave words to create stories that will positively impact the lives that I would be blessed to have read them.

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