Skinny Minnie Is Here!

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“Skinny Minnie” the book, that is! I’ve finally released my first children’s illustrated book on Friday, June 10th. It has been a long, tiring, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exciting journey, but I did it!

The book targets children age 4 years to 9 years and tackles the issue of teasing/bullying. Basically, it teaches children how to react to such social issues without becoming a mean girl or boy themselves.

I’ve noticed that people are often bullied for being bigger than the “average person” (what is average these days anyway?). However, no one seems to realize or brings attention to the fact that there are boys and girls who are bullied for the opposite, being smaller than the “average person”.

This is where the idea for “Skinny Minnie” comes in.

I was teased for years as a child for being thin or skinny. Even now as an adult people feel it’s OK to tell me what size I should be. As a child it can really mess with your self-esteem. A child with low self-esteem becomes an adult that looks for approval in the wrong places (at least from my experience). Therefore, I am on a mission to teach kids to be kind and to know that they are enough. Always love yourself and be yourself.

“Skinny Minnie” is a book that teaches children how to overcome teasing and just dance!

Get your copy on Amazon or Create Space today and join me on a mission to nurture happy, confident kids!

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The wind whistled through windows as the storm continued to shake the old house. Clara Swain pulled the covers tightly up to her neck. Her fingers dug into her palms through the cotton material as she held on, hoping it would protect her. The aged boards of the staircase creaked painfully. Clara’s heart sprinted at the sound.
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What Can I say…Things Happen

Yup, they sure do. Like not consistently writing 500 words a day. Like deviating to writing children’s books instead. Yes, that’s the thing that happened. I hate to start something and not finish it so I will definitely be writing a short story here as much as possible. However, I have taken a recent interest (3 months ago recent) in writing illustrated books for children. I’m actually loving it. It allows me to bring out the kid in myself and she was not so bad.

I was one of those children who spent their days outdoors, climbing trees, chasing birds and butterflies, skipping rocks on the pond or reading a book in the shade. I had a dreamy childhood if you ask me. So, being taken back to those times in my memories and crafting them in stories for children, warms my heart.

One of the perks for me with this genre is how quickly the story comes to an end. I’m writing for those early years at the moment, ages 3 to 8 years. So, you’re looking at a maximum of 1,000 words for illustrated books. Of course, I usually go over that limit but my editor has done a great job of bringing the word count down while keeping my story authentic and vision intact. I always get anxious when writing fiction for adults. The end always seem so far away and I want to get there. However, 80,000 words is no joke especially if you’re aiming for quality and a book that your readers can’t put down.

Anyway, I’m enjoying this journey and I’m excited about it. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t abandoned Adult Fiction. But I do believe it’s ok to take detours once in a while. You never know what you’ll discover. So please be understanding and keep a look out for the occasional adult short story for your viewing pleasure.